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Hand Grip Strength Trainer Kit With 2 Hand Therapy Ball

Hand Grip Strength Trainer Kit With 2 Hand Therapy Ball

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Brand: Fitness Insanity


Speed Your Rehabilitation After Injury

Hand grip strengtheners are a key part of a fast, healthy recovery from ailments like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and tendonitis. People with ongoing afflictions such as rheumatoid arthritis will truly appreciate the relief they can get from working with the gripper and therapy squeeze balls. Recovery after surgery or a broken wrist will progress much more smoothly with regular practice using the hand exerciser.

Fits Hands of All Sizes

Teens as well as adult men and women will find working with the hand strengthener a comfortable fit. The level of resistance can easily be adjusted to the needs of the person using it, from 22 to 88 lbs, so seniors and teens will get just as much use out of the gripper as a rock climber who is looking to increase their grip strength to advanced levels.

Included in the Package:

Hand Grip Strengthener
Two Therapy Balls
Waterproof Carry Case

Exclusive Items You Will Not Find Anywhere Else (eBooks delivered via email):

A Guide to Training with Hand Grippers
A Guide to Get Lean in No Time
The Ultimate Guide to Bodybuilding
Isometric Training: Is it Really Worth it

Order Your Hand Grip Strengthener Set Today and Discover a Stronger, Less Painful World in the Palm of Your Hand.